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Manual Osteopathy Overview

Manual Osteopathy is a very gentle non invasive, hands-on form of manual therapy that focuses on supporting the bodies self healing mechanisms to restore optimal health – seeking to address physical structure and resolve underlying tissue imbalances. This does not involve pharmaceutical medications or surgery but instead focuses on removing restrictions to physical structure to assist the bodies self regulation abilities within set homeostatic principles.
Dr Still, the founder of Osteopathy, recognized the essential importance of the circulation of fluids to keep tissues healthy, reinforcing the doctrine that the body’s fluids must be allowed to flow without restriction. Thus blood flow and its circulation from head to toe, lymphatic movement and neurological motor and sensory impulses must be without restrictions.

Manual osteopathic principles

  1. The body is considered one whole functioning unit- it is impossible to have injury or restrictions in function of one area without involving and affecting other areas.
  2. Body structure influences the body’s functions – both are interrelated. If any structure is out of place, injured or otherwise not working properly, the body will not function at its best.
  3. The body has self regulating mechanisms which ensure it functions within set homeostatic range.
  4. The body contains self defense mechanisms and the capacity for self healing; when restrictions to function are alleviated, the body can proceed with maintaining the highest state of optimal health possible at any given time.

Benefits of Manual Osteopathy therapy

1-Promoting better breathing and enhancing oxygen intake
2-Improving the posture
3-Improving circulation of both blood and lymph thus affecting nutrition supply, muscle recovery, growth and healing process
4-Enhancing skin tone and skin health through application of high quality oils in soft tissue therapy
5-Increasing joint flexibility
6-Enhancing a calm mind via cranial osteopathy and improving cognitive function
7-Reducing anxiety due to it s natural deep relaxation and reliving tension stored in mind and organs
8-Increasing self awareness and mind-body connection
9-Preventing injuries by strengthening musculoskeletal system and posture/gait. This is very important as we age since death due to fall is very common in senior people
10-Releif from Chronic and acute pain via production of beta endorphin in the body.
11-Improving athletic performance by improvements in function, balance, muscle tone and flexibility
12-Decrease in muscle tension and spasm by affecting a number of nervous pathways
I have experienced alleviation of sinus congestion through the gentle treatment of cranial bones, removal of head and TMJ distress and improved range of motion to my neck. This relief was so significant that I decided to add this modality to my existing practice, so I can deliver its benefits to my clients.
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