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What our clients say

"I have been to Optimum Balance for balancing of my iron issues, water absorption issues, plenty other little things to do with low energy levels, and currently my thyroid issues. While I was uncertain at first about how this modality would really work, as this method of health care is very new to me, I have been so impressed with how effective it is and am happy with my results!

Since my clearings, I have had much more energy, and actually feel thirsty now during the daytime hours so am drinking healthier amounts of water now.

The clinic is very new and clean with a relaxing atmosphere, and Hengameh is great at listening to her clients' needs. Thank you so much Optimum Balance for helping me feel better!" Melissa.S. (Teacher)
"My child was "once" diagnosed with Autism. All of her childhood was spent in speech therapy and other therapies. She had very little eye contact, not having meaningful conversation and she was not social. So I decided to try this new modality. I have to say it was a lot of commitment and dedication following Henie's advises. But now, I can say it was worth it. She is now fluent in 3 different languages, reading and comprehending ABOVE grade and have a normal social life. All I ask other parents is to stay in the game...."  Anonymous
"I highly recommend this Clinic. You will get the ultimate treatment. I am currently taking my mom while she is going under chemotherapy treatments for Cancer. She is responding very well to the balancing sessions. I am seeing a great change in her energy . The atmosphere is very calm and she makes you feel like you are at home."  Farnaz.D. (Interior Designer)
"I went to this clinic for children’s lack of growth. Since we started the sessions both my children are gaining weight and height regularly, have improved their appetites are overall much healthier. You must go see her for your health needs. Service is amazing, the office is clean and welcoming. Most importantly, you get a solution to your problems and see results. Best decision ever. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and care. Forever grateful." Delaram. Z. (Realtor)
"I am so grateful to Henie for helping me get better. She is amazingly calm and positive with a kind heart. She spends a lot of time and puts her sincere effort to help me with balancing and suggestions. I have stage four cancer and did not have energy. Since she started helping me, after 3 sessions, I have more energy and I feel like myself again. All my friend and family tell me I look very good! I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to be seen by her. I will strongly suggest everyone try treatment at optimum balance in Newmarket." Roya. Gh. (Business owner)
8 months weight management
3 months weight management
"I highly recommend this clinic to anyone regardless of their age. Hengameh is calm and understanding, she’s extremely knowledgeable and targets your needs. I had a mini stroke in the beginning of the year, and combined with some previous hormonal health issues I was left feeling extremely sick. The doctors weren’t/aren’t able to figure out what caused it. Even though I still don’t know where this stroke came from, I went to see Hengameh in hopes that she can help. Within a few sessions, I’ve been feeling more and more like myself without any medications.  If I didn’t find this clinic, I’d still feel foggy and unwell. She has worked with me and advised me on my health, I've found her extremely helpful. Thank you so much for everything Hengameh, you have truly made a difference in my illness and I’m very grateful that I have found you." Lorie. D. (Executive office assistant) 
" I would really recommend Optimum Balance's services not only to those who have problems related to their physical or mental health, but to anyone in general. After going to this place, I am able to sleep better, think more clearly, and eat foods that I was not able to handle as well." Soroush. R. (Student)
"Amazing! The way Henie spent time to analyze my issues with her computerized tools and techniques were really amazing. I had a serious accident and I was told that I have concussion in the hospital. Her analysis showed exactly where the affected areas were and she helped me with my symptoms . I have no headaches or dizziness. I highly recommend Henie's services." Farahd. R. (Engineer)
"I feel so much better from the moment I started my sessions. I can feel the difference. She is amazing. The environment is so positive and I recommend it to everyone." Mahsa. N. (Realtor)
"I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is tired of being misdiagnosed by conventional medicine. I suffer from a multitude of conditions and diseases and Henie was able to identify reasons why my body is reacting the way it does. I prefer her approach in being proactive rather than reactive. I appreciate her dedication and care in helping me to feel better. I plan to continue being under her care". Farnoush. D. (Early childhood educator)

Hengameh's professionalism, kindness, and care are truly remarkable. We sought her expertise to address my daughter's health challenges after years of seeking solutions at various hospitals. Despite countless tests and consultations, my daughter's condition did not improve, impacting her education and well-being. However, after just two sessions with Hengameh, we witnessed significant progress. My daughter's health has improved, and I am deeply grateful for Hengameh's exceptional care. Her expertise has not only benefited my daughter but has also inspired me to consider seeking treatment for my own health concerns. I am sincerely thankful for the life-changing support we have received from Hengameh. Marjan M.
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