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A Person's Body is like a "Bucket With Holes":
For example in most cases of "Anemia", Simply giving the patient an iron, B12 or vitamin C injection, or increasing their intrinsic factor won’t always resolve the patients issue of continually losing the iron, especially if the patient is actually intolerant to iron.  Their body will continue to reject the iron as well as the other vitamins or minerals that are chelated to it.
A person’s body is similar to a bucket with holes in it. Water poured into the bucket represents the nutrients we ingest on a daily basis. How do we then maintain sufficient water level if the water leaks out of the holes as fast as you pour water in the bucket, do we then pour more water in at a faster rate in order to retain the water level? The obvious solution is to patch the holes in the bucket. In regard to the iron deficiency, due to iron intolerance…
BIE simply "patches the holes" per se, by enabling a person’s body to recognize the nutrients (iron), and therefore, the patient should be able to retain normal iron levels.
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